Anonymous asked:

What was your first time getting a blowjob from a guy?

colorslashmotion answered:

Hmm. I can’t remember the first time I got a blowjob from a guy. I do remember the first GOOD blowjob I got. Barnes & Noble, when I was 19. Browsing the sci fi - Egan, I think it was - and this cute boy, probably Tyler, he looked like a Tyler with his blond hair and tank and nice arms (all lean with muscle and smooth skin hello) and backwards baseball cap, anyway this Probably Tyler came up and started flirting with me over Egan. Total rapture of the nerds. 

Anyway so we went into the boy’s bathroom handicap stall and made out and then he pulled down my pants and went to town and it was pretty great all around.

And also I stole his baseball cap. Trophy nation. I should frame it and hang it on my wall.